3G Voice call emergency bell

The first ever voice call emergency bell using 3G technologies in Korea!
Communicate with 112 emergency services directly with our safe and reliable service using 3G and KT network.
Our service enables the location tracking in real time in 24/7.

3G Voice recognition emergency bell 

The system will recognize the voice and immediately contact 112 emergency services.
Voice call function using IoT technologies will allow reduce the number of false alarms or reports.

Landline emergency bell system

This system allows you to contact 112 or 119 emergency services by simply pressing a mobile alarm bell in various situations.
By connecting with KT Handalum service, our system will automatically contact nearest emergency centers in emergency situations.


Smart Factory System monitors and reports any system faults of the facilities
to the person in charge in real time.

Smart Factory monitoring system enables any facility errors to be coded, saved and immediately reported to the person in charge through a wireless recorder.

Smart Factory System automatically controls the factory ventilations.

Smart Ventilation Control System enables the users to set a timer or manually control the ventilation system.
(KCC Factory in Yeoju)


Smart Farm System automatically reports the humidify and temperature of the farms

The system immediately informs the user when the temperature or/and humidity reaches beyond its set standards of the poultry farms.


Vellux Managing Smart Solution for new TCP/IP platforms

Combining Vellux main receiver and IoT enable remote control through smartphone apps as well as directly operate the server to control, collect data and manage errors.

Patent & Certifications

Patient management Wireless Call System

The urgent state management system using the intercom in elevator

DDoS Detection and countermeasures of wireless network environment

The falled patient monitoring system using the pressure-pad

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